Faith No More

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Re: Faith No More

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Therion wrote:
aha, e pata ni tripin. interesant shume
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Re: Faith No More

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Faith No More

I'm watching you
You shall weep no more
It's your last breath of air
These walls won't keep them out
They'll keep you in
But who's going to protect you?
In every darken land
In every flower bed
In every marriage bed
I'll be with you
I'm watching you
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Re: Faith No More

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I know it sounds funny but i just can stand the pain :P

Girl im leaving you TOMOROW

Ta thejn me 1 fjal :P
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Re: Faith No More

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BashK xe'er jon :mrgreen:

Easy(like sunday mornings) o shum kllassss. Mdoket edhe Lionel Richie e knon.

Shwiiiiiiiiiiiiii :mrgreen:
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